The South Korean manufacturer Nexen has presented at the The Tire Cologne, in Germany, its new tires: the N'Fera Sport and the Roadian AT 4x4.

The new Nexen N'Fera Sport aims to be a UHP (Ultra High Performance) tire for motorists with high expectations, and has been developed by Nexen for powerful cars.

The tread design, with its three central blocks, would bring stability to the tire at a high speed. Its four asymmetric grooves - three wide and one thinner - would effectively evacuate the water to avoid the phenomenon of aquaplaning . The shoulder area has been optimized to offer more cornering grip and to allow effective driving on both dry and wet ground. The lateral grooves would make the blocks more stable, thus reducing braking distances.

We will have to wait for the Nexen N'Fera Sport to be released. It will be available in 20 sizes for tire diameters from 17 to 20 inches.

Nexen has also introduced the Roadian AT 4x4, an all-terrain tire aimed primarily at SUVs. It has a new tread design that would maximize your driving performance on dry and wet ground, and also on snow and ice while maintaining a relatively low noise level. Off the road, its two independent blocks in the center of the tread would prevent the accumulation of fragments by increasing their adhesion. You may further read about nexen tires review for more ideas about this.

The Nexen Roadian AT 4x4 will be available from 2019 in 16 sizes for tire diameters between 15 and 18 inches.

After a public consultation, the European Commission has proposed a new regulation on tire labeling. This regulation will make the tire label more visible, more precise and, above all, more durable.



The European tire labeling , introduced in 2012, will be completely renewed!

The European Commission has reached an interim agreement for this famous tire label to evolve. The label will allow consumers to choose better because it will be easier to read and because more criteria will appear: durability, abrasion resistance and adhesion on snow and ice . Labeling will also be used on truck tires, which until now were exempt.

The new version of the European labeling on tires will take the form of the energy label of the European Union (EU), which is used to analyze numerous electrical appliances, while maintaining its original pictograms. This initiative has been well received by the Commissioner for Climate and Energy Action , Miguel Arias Cañete: “Energy efficiency is also applied in the first place to our driving. By switching to tires that save energy, European citizens can significantly reduce their fuel consumption, saving and protecting the environment. This is how Europe progresses towards true energy security in addition to climate protection. ”

These new rules will allow to burn an energy equivalent to the withdrawal of 4 million cars in the EU every year according to the Commission. What is the next stage? Its approval in the European Parliament and the Council. The application date chosen is May 1, 2021.